Correcting a Mislabeled Utility

With us you can be sure it’s right

This past week, Apex Locating Services assisted University of Utah on a SUE (subsurface utility engineering) level investigation. Following up 811 or “Blue stakes” we located and verified the following utilities:

  • communication
  • sewer
  • electrical/high voltage
  • water

On the same site, we double checked areas where soil borings were going to take place and made sure there were no utility lines present to hinder work. We clarified the marks and found that one line that was drawn out and labeled as a sewer line was incorrectly located. We corrected the marks by identifying the storm drain and confirming the direction of the sewer line using GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) and other equipment.

Calling in a private locator such as ourselves allows our clients to continue work in a timely manner and safely, saving time and money. Just like we did for this client, with us you can be sure it is right.