811 is the law and required to be called prior to any digging! 811 is a free service to protect public utilities. At Apex Locating Services, we will locate ALL utilities around your desired excavating/digging/drilling job sites. Be sure to call before breaking ground on your next project.

Private Utility Locating

One of the biggest advantages that Apex Locating Services has over the competition is our attention to detail. Our technicians have a perfect record when it comes to the accuracy of their locating services.

Utilizing the most advanced instruments and techniques available in subsurface utility locating you can be sure you are proceeding with work safely. Not only will we locate the private utility lines, we can also verify the public utility marks for further accuracy.


As-Built Creation

A big challenge of construction work is ensure that the site is safe and ready for work. That is why we will help you by locating utilities and anomalies as you build. No matter the situation or location, we will be there and we will scan your project site. Don’t make the assumption that everything will be OK, give us a call and will create a new set of as-built plans or update old and outdated plans.


Utility Mapping

Often times a single point is not enough to show the location of a utility. That is why at Apex Locating Services we can provide an entire map of the location, direction and frequency of your utilities using GPS mapping and other advanced mapping technologies.


Concrete Scanning

With the latest in Ground Penetrating Technology, we can identify hazards such as:

  • post tension cables
  • conduit
  • thermal lines
  • rebar

All of these could be running through your slab before you cut or drill. Not only does this save you time and money, it promotes safety to reduce risk of injury.


Soil & Directional Boring Mitigation

Whether directional boring to install new fiber lines or boring to collect soil samples, it is essential to know where all the utilities are in order to avoid contact with them. Apex Locating can provide protections for these types of incidents because we know that identifying these utilities prevents costly mistakes and promotes job site safety.


Underground Storage Tank Investigation

When there is even a small chance of there being an Underground Storage Tank (UST) don’t risk breaching it. With Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) and other advanced locating techniques we can identify UST’s or aid in clearing areas from a present UST.


If I could give the team at Apex Locating ten stars I would gladly give it. I have been working with clients for 38 years and I have never seen better customer service in action than what I experienced with Reggie, Cody, and Bryce from Apex Locating. I live in the mountains in Utah and every winter my pipes freeze. Only by determining the depth of my entire water line was I able to determine the source of the problem and get it resolved.

The team at Apex responded within minutes, clearly marked the entire line, and saved me thousands of dollars of guesswork and repair. They were honestly the most friendly, helpful, and understanding group of guys that I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. If I ever need this type of service again there is only one company that I would consider doing business with. Their bid was a fraction of the cost of what others wanted for the same work and they did excellent work. We need more companies like Apex Locating, ten stars!!!

"Honestly amazing service! We had the hardest time getting our line locating but once we called Apex they had someone come out the very next day and it was located within minutes! Very friendly and great quality service."

"They were great to work with!! They informed me of the details.... I made the appointment and Reggie came and found what we needed. Great company... very personable!"

"Jacobsen Construction used Apex for some locating of pt cables in a parking garage. In the days prior we had 2 other companies come out for this scope of work with unsatisfactory results. Apex was very easy to work with and went above and beyond to help us locate open areas for possible core drilling. Of the list 10 companies that I called prior, this is by far the best outcome we could have expected. Apex will definitely be the first call next time we need this type of work done again."