Private Utility Locating

ALWAYS call 811 prior to digging, it is the law.  811 will notify the entities that have public services running near your project area and they will come mark those public lines.  We pick up where public utility companies leave off.  Once the services come to a meter, it is then considered a private line and becomes your responsibility.  That is where we come in.  Whether its your water, sewer, gas, electrical/power, or communication line we will assist with it all. Utilizing the most advanced instruments and techniques available in sub-surface utility locating (including ground penetrating radar) you can be sure you are proceeding with work safely. Not only will we locate the private Utility lines, we can also verify the public utility marks for further accuracy. READ OUR WORKSTORIES
private locating

If I could give the team at Apex Locating ten stars I would gladly give it. I have been working with clients for 38 years and I have never seen better customer service in action than what I experienced with Reggie, Cody, and Bryce from Apex Locating. I live in the mountains in Utah and every winter my pipes freeze. Only by determining the depth of my entire water line was I able to determine the source of the problem and get it resolved.

The team at Apex responded within minutes, clearly marked the entire line, and saved me thousands of dollars of guesswork and repair. They were honestly the most friendly, helpful, and understanding group of guys that I have ever had the pleasure of doing business with. If I ever need this type of service again there is only one company that I would consider doing business with. Their bid was a fraction of the cost of what others wanted for the same work and they did excellent work. We need more companies like Apex Locating, ten stars!!!

"Honestly amazing service! We had the hardest time getting our line locating but once we called Apex they had someone come out the very next day and it was located within minutes! Very friendly and great quality service."

"They were great to work with!! They informed me of the details.... I made the appointment and Reggie came and found what we needed. Great company... very personable!"

"Jacobsen Construction used Apex for some locating of pt cables in a parking garage. In the days prior we had 2 other companies come out for this scope of work with unsatisfactory results. Apex was very easy to work with and went above and beyond to help us locate open areas for possible core drilling. Of the list 10 companies that I called prior, this is by far the best outcome we could have expected. Apex will definitely be the first call next time we need this type of work done again."